The University of Southampton Masters of Clinical Research

This document has been prepared to provide prospective students an overview of the Master of Clinical Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton.

MRes Master Clinical research is designed to provide career opportunities for healthcare seeking an appointment main university clinic a role or position in the search.

It can be completed over five years part time or one year full-time, so there. Particularly flexible option for people working

There are a number of learning methods in this master’s program in clinical research.

These include practical exercises, action learning sets and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, with led project work itself.

On the control MRes clinical evaluation you after your research proposal critical literature, presentations, project reports and to assess their empirical work.

All these tasks have been developed to help you integrate theory and practice, allowing you to optimize your critical thinking skills and ultimately improve your clinical research.

As a student in master clinical research, you are in close contact with clinical experts to benefit from a wide range of disciplines. In fact, this course is a multidisciplinary approach is one of its main assets.

In the Faculty of Health Sciences, we give you everything you need to advance in your career. This is why many of our alumni now. Leading positions in large health care organizations

MRes as a master’s student in clinical research, you can enjoy all the benefits of the faculty, including: the latest facilities, contact with eminent scientists, as well as the results of our research excellence.

In addition, you will be based at our Center for Leadership and Innovation, which was created specifically for the increased activity.