8 Benefits of Swimming for Pregnant Women

Who says pregnant women can not currently exercise? In fact swimming is one of the best sport that can be done for pregnant women.

The reason most often expressed pregnant women choose to swim because exercise makes them feel lighter. The feeling is certainly fun, especially for women who have entered the third trimester of pregnancy.

Not only that, swimming is also a risk of his injuries including minor sports. When swimming, rather than any other sport, the pregnant woman was not going to swelter.

As quoted from the Baby Center, here are other benefits of swimming during pregnancy: Continue reading “8 Benefits of Swimming for Pregnant Women”

What is the Ideal Distance Between First and Second Child?

After giving birth to her first child, some couples like to direct soon have a second child. But few couples who chose to give long distance. Actually, the distance of the ideal?

Having a child with spaced or far apart have the same advantage. Only, you need to first understand that children in the first three years of high needs attention.

The children in the infants and toddlers, to be completely supervised and took great responsibility to take care of him. If you and your husband have two children under the age of three or two years, of course, a huge responsibility and should be done. Not a few parents who feel the exhaustion in these times. They also miss the opportunity to enjoy the development of each child. Continue reading “What is the Ideal Distance Between First and Second Child?”

Boy 10 Years Since His stomach muscular Popular

The boy was only 10 years of age. But since he became a popular form of body. The boy has a muscular stomach, not just the six pack, but eight pack.

As quoted from the NY Daily News, the boy from Locust Grove, Georgia was named CJ Flashlight. He is now very popular and is known as the ‘Workout Kid’.

C.J. considered to be a role model for his friends and all children around the world through video, web and television appearances. Through the video, he teaches the other kids to exercise.
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1/3 Mother Gives Birth Story Fear At Get Depression

Postpartum depression pretty much experienced women. Unfortunately, according to a recent study, 1/3 were exposed to maternal depression chose to keep their own sadness.

The research made by the charity 4Children organiasi, England. The study was made to find out how postpartum depression felt by the mothers and the way of healing.

The study involved 2000 mothers. From the research it was found 3 out of 10 new mothers experience depression. 49% of mothers who were depressed did not want to seek the help of an expert such as a psychologist. Compared who already had children, mothers who first gave birth at the most doing it. Continue reading “1/3 Mother Gives Birth Story Fear At Get Depression”

2/3 Called Women Feel Insulted ‘Housewives’

What was the point of a name, apparently for some mothers name is very meaningful. According to recent research, 2/3 women who were not working in the office feel insulted when they are called a housewife.

The survey was made by Mothercare and is followed by 2,000 mothers. In the survey revealed two thirds mother protested as ‘housewife’ (housewife) for mothers who do not work in the office. These women prefer to be called a ‘stay-at-home mum’.

Mothers who feel insulted by the term ‘housewife’ it was the name of the negative connotation. The name was also impressed underestimate their role in the home.
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Parents Make Campaign Ads Deceptive Beauty

Nowadays more and more advertising beauty products that use computer technology so impressed deceive consumers. Concerned over it, a pair of parents in the U.S. to build a campaign against the ad.

Seth and Eva Matlins, that’s the name of the couple who launched a campaign to “Self Esteem Act ‘. The couple founded the magazine and fashion label Off Our Chests’ is a campaign to protect children and adolescents.

In their view, the advertisements of beauty products to make children and young people think about the ideal body image that are not realistic. The couple are now the ads are too much edited with photoshop so far from being natural face or appearance of the original model.
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Teen Plastic Surgery 13 Years Since In-Bully

Nicolette Taylor was only 13 years old. But the Long Island native girls, the U.S. was already diving plastic surgery. The road was chosen because it could not bear to keep getting bullied.

Nicolette is a former model whose catalogs have made his nose broken twice. Because of these events, his nose was slightly crooked and enlarged.

Nicolette’s mother, Maria, said her daughter, do not get upset with the condition of his nose. The mother was allowed to operate Nicolette nose when he was 18 years old.
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1 of 5 Mother Being Depressed Parents

Who said parenting was easy? The proof according to a new study, one in five women admitted very tired with the pressures of life as a parent. These women also felt they could only spend half his free time to play with their toddlers.

The survey above was made by a television station Cartoonito when launching a Facebook account for the parent community. In a 2200 survey mothers of pre-school children to the respondent.

In the survey found, 2/3 housewife admitted telling their children to help with homework easier. 1 of 10 mothers were also set aside at least 20% of the family income to pay for someone else who helps with housework. Various ways are done so that they can take a break and spend more quality time with their children. Continue reading “1 of 5 Mother Being Depressed Parents”

Baby showers are held on the planning and scheduling after

Planning a baby shower and was one of the most exciting and enjoyable of a mom-to-be’s life. Customizing the perfect invitation to choose the right location for the shower, a baby shower rooms should be fun and entertaining. When planning a baby shower, it is important to keep in mind that the event is a memorable and unforgettable experience for the pregnant woman, she was enjoying every second step of the planning process and organization. The opening gifts newborn baby is always the highlight of the shower and other festivities are fun as well. Continue reading “Baby showers are held on the planning and scheduling after”

Women who stress Tend Childbirth Baby Girls

Stress at work and domesticate women feel able to influence the sex of their baby. Women with high stress levels tend to deliver a girl.

The above is revealed in a study conducted by the University of Oxford, UK and researchers in the United States. In a study by the University of Oxford was 338 female respondents.

Hundreds of women trying to get pregnant was asked to write a diary. In the diary they write about everything that happens in their lives ranging from sex, work at home business. Respondents were also asked to fill out questionnaires about their stress. When examined, the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, were also measured, before the woman becomes pregnant. Continue reading “Women who stress Tend Childbirth Baby Girls”