Esophageal Syndrome Eating At Midnight

Hungry or want to eat? It’s a question that should be posed to themselves or those who are near you that has the habit of eating at midnight. A great meal in minutes that should be used to start the evening breaks are used to eating. This has a negative effect on your body.

Here are some of the impacts on the people who like to eat late at night, as reported by LIVESTRONG and eHow.

1. Weight gain
Eating late at night is actually not directly cause weight gain, but the people who eat the middle of the night tend to eat quickly, eat fast food such as burgers, pizza or greasy and fatty foods, not a fruit or vegetable.
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Miracle Healer fluids and Cheap

Can not be denied again, water is the only drink that we will always need and consumption. Various research has also shown efficacy-efficacy magic for our bodies. The medical world also recognize that water is one of the remarkable healing substances, when we suffer from various kinds of diseases. In short, our body needs fluids is this one, in order to maintain the continuity of the work system organs and also to maintain the metabolic system.

But water is not the only drinks that can be used as a “miracle healer”. Along with the development of science, the experts also found a variety of ingredients and secret recipes that can cure diseases or other health problems that often affect you.

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Benefits of Pets Got

Besides cute and adorable, had a pet was also good for health. Based on research in the Journal of Pediatrics, revealed that children who live with pets in the early years even Healthier than those who did not care for the animal in her home.

Dr. Danielle Fisher of St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, United States, also Explained that a pet may help stimulate the immune system to fight infection for Infants. In addition, the pet also has several other health benefits, such as the following,

Healthy heart
According to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, people who have severe disease, raising animals and growing niche to have a Healthier heart. Pets are helping them through the tough times and painful when fighting disease.
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Participate Cause Indigestion Infertility

Many couples have infertility problems unexplained cause. Digestive or gastrointestinal problems may be one cause of infertility. But how can this be?

The fetus inside the womb need nutrients to grow flowers. When a woman has a digestive problem, it can make the body does not absorb nutrients from food consumed. It also means that the baby will not get the nutrients it needs.

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There is substance in the Healer Marijuana

There are more than 400 compounds cannabinoids found in marijuana a tree. Some of these compounds are not toxic proven to cure cancer, reduce the tendency of treating psychotic patients with schizophrenia and other chronic diseases.

Compounds such as medical efficacious cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG) and tetrahydrocannabivarin (Thcv). Unlike delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive content of marijuana, consumption of these compounds can not make you drunk. Unfortunately in Indonesia, Law No. Narcotics. 35 of 2009 include compounds such as Narcotics Group 1.
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Sitting Too Long Increase Risk of Kidney

Accustomed to sit long it can cause many health problems, ranging from obesity, diabetes, premature to death. In fact, a recent study adds another dangerous disease Caused by too much sitting, ie chronic kidney disease. This disease is a condition in roomates the kidneys are no longer Able to filter the blood, Causing the accumulation of food waste and kidney failure.

“This study not only proves that an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to chronic kidney disease, but also additional evidence that too much sitting bad for health,” Explains researcher Dr Thomas Yates of the University of Leicester, as reported by the Huffington Post.

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Snakes Can Relieve Pain Capable

Similar substance pain relievers morphine but without the side effects, was found in a black mamba snake venom lethal and there are many on the African continent. Snake is using substances harmful neurotoxins to paralyze and kill small animals become prey, and claimed to be the fastest and the most vicious reptiles in Africa.

Nevertheless a number of laboratory tests performed French researchers published in the journal Nature shows material containing anti-venom powerful enough pain. Researchers admit they were surprised by these findings.

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Prevent Dandruff with Natural Ingredients

Dandruff is a potent make us cranky. Not only due to the effect of stinging itching caused, but also managed to disrupt the white flaky appearance of the owner of the hair.

Before eradicated, we should first identify the cause of dandruff in order to cope more effectively. Dandruff is caused by several factors such as the regeneration of the epidermis cells on the scalp that occurs once every 28 days, the fungus Pityrosporum ovale (P. ovale) or Malasezzia furfur, skin care products that are less precise, diet and hormonal imbalances.

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In order Ms.V Healthy And Clean

Like the rest of the body, sex organs also need to be maintained cleanliness and health. Moreover, female sex organs. It is hidden no means neglected by your attention. Region V not to stop off at an entrance of germs and germs.

Whitish is one of the disorders of the female reproductive organs. Characterized by whitish discharge (not blood) of the vagina to excess.

In normal circumstances, a healthy vagina produces fluid to clean the vagina of foreign objects that are not desirable. The fluid also serves as a lubricant to aid in sexual penetration, and helps the function of reproduction. The natural secretion of liquid such as water or can be sometimes a bit slimy. Generally, the liquid that comes out a little, clear and odorless. Continue reading “In order Ms.V Healthy And Clean”

Benefits Becoming A Vegetarian

Some people choose to be vegetarian or eat only vegetables for a variety of reasons, one of which is health.

Here are five advantages to being a vegetarian.

The first advantage to being a vegetarian is to have a healthy stomach. By eating lots of vegetables and fruits means more fiber consumed, so it will keep the colon clean.

In addition, the nutrients from the vegetables and fruits are very good for the stomach, as it is an excellent source of amino acids for the body’s metabolism. Continue reading “Benefits Becoming A Vegetarian”