Light Can Generate Power Lift

Light function to generate the same power that makes aircraft flying, as shown by a new study.

With proper design, uniform flow of light encouraging the objects are very small such as an airplane wing aircraft into the air to raise the body.

Researchers have long known that hitting an object with light can push the object. That’s the thinking behind solar screens, which utilizes radiation for propulsion in space. “The ability of light to push something already known,” said co-researcher Grover Swartzlander of the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, told Science News (05/12/10).

New tricks of light more interesting than a regular boost: It creates a more complicated force called lift, evident when a flow in one direction to move an object vertically. Foil air or airfoil develops lift, when turning the propeller engine and move the plane forward, its wings are tilted causing the plane ride.

Foil light is not meant to keep an airplane in the air during a flight from one airport to another airport. But the unity of the tools are so small it may be used to power micro machines, transports the particles are very small or even allow steering methods on solar screens.

Optical lift force is “a very neat idea,” says physicist Miles Padgett of the University of Glasgow in Scotland, but terlau early to say how these effects may be utilized. “It may be useful, maybe not. Time will tell.”

Light can have an unexpected lift force was started from a very simple question, Swartzlander said, “If we have something shaped wing and we shine with the light, what happened?” Modeling experiments showed the researchers that an asymmetrical deflection of light will create a very stable lift force. “So we thought it best to do an experiment,” said Swartzlander

The researchers made very small bars shaped like an airplane wing, on the one side and flat on the other side of the winding. When the foil-micron sized air foil is immersed into the water and hit with 130 milliwatts of light from the bottom of the container, foil-foil begins to move upward, as expected. But the bars are also starting to move sideways, perpendicular to the direction of the incoming light. Symmetrical balls are very small do not show the effect of the lift, as the team found.

Different optical lift force of lift aerodynamics with an air foil. An airplane flies because air flowing more slowly under his wings using more pressure than the air flowing faster over the top. But in light foil, lift is created inside these objects when the beam through it. Terebut transparent air foil shape causes the light is refracted differently depending on where the light was passed, which causes the bending beam within their momentum that generates lift.

The corners of the lift foil-foil light is about 60 degrees, according to the findings of the team. “Most aerodynamic bodies airing on the corners of a very gradual, but it does have the ability to lift angles were superb and very strong,” Swartzlander said. “You can imagine what would happen if the plane you are on the air at 60 degrees – your stomach will be on foot.”

When the bars were lifted, it should not fall down or lose its lift, as predicted. “Actually, things could stabilize themselves,” said Padgett.

Swartzlander said that he hopes could eventually test the foil-foil light in the air, too, and try a variety of shapes and materials with different refractive properties. In the study the penelit uses infrared light to generate lift, but other types of light can, Swartzlander said. “The beautiful thing about this is that it will work as long as you have the light.”

The study was published in Nature Photonics on December 5.

Hopefully this can be further investigated and developed for the good.

New Intel Core Chip Secure Movie Streaming

The chip feature, called Insider, includes overall protection layer and management feature to unlock high quality movies from online streaming services, said Karen Regis, Consumer Client Marketing Manager at Intel.

Insider is a part of the quality of the pictures or graphics are offered in a processor Intel corenya to come, which will be officially launched on January 5, faster than Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

With the Insider, the user will gain access to more high quality streaming 1080p content, in which images are displayed with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which can also be found on the Blu-ray disc.

Movie studios are also worried about piracy, which discouraged them to create premium content for 1080p streaming, Regis said. Insider provides a security blanket that could encourage more movie studios to provide high-quality films, he said.

Intel has been working with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, which will provide 300 high-quality films from WB Shopnya or Best Buy’s CinemaNow service. These movies can only be played on a system with the upcoming Core processors, Regis said.

Those features will be disbursed offer other Intel chips, says Regis. Intel is also working with many film studios and announcements will be delivered next month.

Insider addition, the company is also developing a lot of image technology into chips corenya to accelerate the creation and video imaging. Intel for the first time to build an image processor and CPU into a single chip, which will improve the performance of applications that take pictures and less power. Core chips are based on a new microarchitecture codenamed Sandy Bridge.

Intel is adding specialized hardware accelerators to quickly lock and unlock the video. Feature, called Quick Sync, allows users to transfer high-quality video in a format that is available for smartphones in just seconds. Accelerator hardware is faster than software, which takes many minutes to transfer video.

Intel is also looking to upgrade the Wi-Di technology, which allows wireless users to send images and video from a PC to TV HD (high-definition). The users can now enjoy streaming 1080p content, which is better than the previous 720p. The user will also be able to watch movies that are protected from Intel Insider feature, Regis said.

But the Core processors will not support DirectX 11, which makes the image more realistic on a PC with Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. Intel step behind Advanced Micro Devices, whose upcoming Fusion chips including image processor that supports DirectX 11.

“We have tested the applications, we do not see a lot of applications that use features in DirectX 11 today. We will incorporate these capabilities into the processor before the image is used by many people, said Regis.

First Intel will market the chip-chip quad-core Core in January, which was then followed by the chip-chip dual-core in February.

Your phone Tells About You

In the world of forensic hp, the insiders have a name for all the personal information that is consciously or unconsciously stored on your mobile phone. They call it “digital fingerprint”.

With the right equipment and direct access to your phone, anyone can tap into the personal details of your life: sms, photos, tweet, facebook, make a pact to you, place your favorite sport, or even what you ate last night.

“You can know everything about a person by cell phone,” said Amber Schroader, owner of Paraben of Pleasant Grove, Utah, which makes forensic software for investigators and the general public. “You can see their YouTube videos, the websites they explore, their pictures. Addicted people going mobile, so this is the latest and most valuable information available about someone.”

While wireless companies and others have long been able to track the location of hp from a distance, it remains unclear which information can be accessed remotely. However, forensic investigators have long known that biographical data storage can be collected when they have direct access to handheld devices. Even before the discovery of the location tracking file that is shown by the researchers this week have been found on the iPhone, investigators had been collecting data from the Apple smartphone.

“We analyzed the iPhone since its launch,” said Christopher Vance, a digital forensics specialist at Marshall University’s Forensics Science Center, which works with law enforcement agencies in the country, both private and West Virginia.

Vance and his lab to help retrieve data from the iPhone including call records, map search results from Google Maps, charts stored in the browser cache, even a record of what has been typed into the iPhone virtual keyboard.

“There are a lot of important information on the iPhone,” he said.

Not everyone was pleased at how easy it makes hp reveal his secret. Apple has continuously ignored requests for comment will archive the tracking, even when members of Congress began to ask the question why Apple tracking phone users and what he did to that information. Anyway privacy advocates warn that retrieve data from hp someone without permission is one step further down the road that has been problematic.

“This is not a cell phone – it’s a phone tapping,” said John M. Simpson, director of Consumer Watchdog’s Privacy Project. “The consumer should have the right to control whether their data is collected and how it is used.

“People do not realize about the gold mine of data about their life is in their hp,” he added. “There should be a learning process so that people will begin to understand.”

Privacy advocates say that the unveiling of the iPhone tracking file underscores the need for law and new legislation to determine the type and amount of information that can dikumupulkan moving equipment. In addition to the iPhone tracking file, opened that Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phones regularly send the location data to the two companies.

“I see a slippery slope,” said Sharon Goott Nissim, consumer privacy representatives in the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a consumer advocacy group. “When the data collection is carried out, even harder to stop law enforcement officials to gain access to it. Way to stop this is to stop the collection of the first.”

From experience over the years, investigators now have a better idea than the owner of the phone about what data they can legally get out of telephone consumers. Archive iPhone location tracking “has flown under the radar for a while,” said Sean Morrissey, CEO of Katana Forensics. “For the forensic investigator, it is a good thing. You do not want to tell the bad guys that you can get the information from the phone.

“We know most of the data will be contained in mobile equipment,” he said.

Forensic investigators have long been able to take a list of connections, recording calls and text messages from mobile phones. However, smartphones like the iPhone has significantly increased the amount of data. Part is related to consumers’ growing use of such equipment and more and more applications available for the equipment.

Schroader, whose firm offers a forensic data retrieval tool valued at $ 199 were called iRecovery, said that while investigators have been able to explore the innards of the phone over the years, capacity growth of smartphones mean a big change in the amount of personal data now readily available.

“We have made these tools that support iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android for years, but penyimpanannyalah that changed everything,” he said. “Hp jadul you have a few MB of storage. Now we are at the GB, and eventually will be in terabytes. Rather if we work together with law enforcement, which translates into more evidence, which makes us all very happy.”

System of Government

Understanding / definition of system of government – meaning a whole system which consists of several parts that have a functional relationship. Government in the broad sense is the government / state institutions are doing everything good government as the executive, legislative and judicial. Government system and the system has a goal to maintain a stable country. But in some countries due to frequent separatist actions that are considered burdensome system of government of the people or harm people. The system of government has a strong foundation which can not be changed and become static. If a government has a system of government that is static, absolute, then it will go on forever until the insistence of the minority to protest it.

Broadly means the system of government that maintaining the stability of society, keeping the behavior of the majority or minority, keeping the foundation of government, maintaining political power, defense, economic security so that a continuous system of governance and democracy, which should contribute to the public can participate in the development of the system of government them. Until now only a few countries can practice the government system as a whole.

Grouping Government System

Presidential system of government. It is a system of government in which the head of government held by the president and the government is not accountable to parliament (legislative). Minister responsible to the president because the president serves as head of state and head of government. Example Country: USA, Pakistan, Argentina, the Philippines, Indonesia

Parliamentary system of government. Parliamentary system is a system of government in which the parliament has an important role in government. In this case the parliament has the authority to appoint the prime minister and parliament were able to bring down the government, by way of issuing such a no-confidence motion. Unlike a presidential system, in which the parliamentary system can have a president and a prime minister, in charge of the running of the government. In presidential the president authorized the running of the government, but the parliamentary system, the president is only a symbolic head of state only.

Parliamentary system is distinguished by the executive branch of the government depends on support directly or indirectly the legislative branch, or the parliament, often expressed through a veto conviction. Therefore, there is no clear separation of powers between the executive branch and the legislative branch, to criticism from some who felt a lack of checks and balances found in a presidential republic.

Praised the parliamentary system, compared with a presidential system, because kefleksibilitasannya and responses to the public. The drawback is that he often leads to a less stable government, as in the Weimar Republic of Germany and the French Fourth Republic. Parliamentary systems usually have a clear differentiation between the head of government and head of state, head of government is the prime minister, and the head of state appointed with little or ceremonial powers. However, some parliamentary systems also have a president elected with a lot of power as the head of state, providing a balance in this system.