With the Assistance of Christian Alcohol Rehab Centers, People Become Free of Chemical Dependence

Individual counseling and family therapy at Christian alcohol rehab centers help a person who is beginning recovery from substance abuse. Family dynamics often play a role in chemical dependency, and the family members are likely to have become codependent as well. The spouse, children and parents all have probably experienced some negative effects of their loved one’s addiction. Some of them may feel very angry and don’t know how to get past this.

A Faith-Based Point of View

At Christian rehab centers, counselors approach the problem and the solutions from a faith-based point of view. Filling the void left after alcohol use is discontinued is done with a structured lifestyle, rewarding activities and a focus on the Lord. The Bible is used for guidance, and each person is encouraged to spend time in prayer and spiritual reflection. Church services are held at these centers. Rehab participants gain strength through their faith, understanding Jesus to be compassionate and forgiving.

A Nonjudgmental Environment

Centers like Life Transformation Recovery provide a nonjudgmental environment for people who want to begin their recovery in a Christian setting. These individuals do not need to give up their dignity and self-respect in order to begin recovery. They may feel ashamed for the way they have treated other people, for the money they have spent on drinking, and for the opportunities they have wasted. At this point in time, they need emotional and spiritual support while they begin rebuilding their lives.

Living Fully

Temporarily living at one of these recovery centers shows participants how to live fully without alcohol. They enjoy nutritious meals, which is important since so many people who become dependent on alcohol become lax about healthy eating. They spend time with other residents, learning to socialize without alcohol.

Through the assistance of Christian rehab and a focus on God, even people who have been addicted to alcohol for many years and have experienced very negative consequences can become free of their dependency. When these individuals return to their respective communities, they are now ready to be more responsible and productive, while also feeling a serenity that has been missing for so long.